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Tamagoyaki pan/Rolled omelet pan


A rectangle frying pan made specifically for "tamagoyaki"(Japanese rolled omelets)


Tamagoyaki pan, also called “tamagoyakiki”, is a frying pan specifically for making the Japanese rolled omelets found in nearly all bento lunch boxes. This cooking utensil is rectangular to make it easier to form the many layers of the egg in a rolled omelet. Professionals use pans made of copper for its superior heat conduction and retaining, but there are cheaper versions available for home use.


Japanese rolled omelets first gained in popularity during the Edo period (1603-1868), and that popularity has persisted to today with it also being a staple side dish in bento lunch boxes. The recipe actually differs between the eastern Kansai and western Kanto regions of in the central part of Japan’s main island of Japan. The Kansai variety is seasoned with dashi broth and tastes slightly salty, while the Kanto region's omelets use sweeter seasonings. Also, the Kanto region's rolled omelet pans are practically square, while in the Kansai they are usually more of a rectangle.


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