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Cod roe (tarako/salted,mentaiko/spicy)


Two varieties of pollack roe with salt, dashi, peppers, and soy sauce


Salted pollack/cod roe, ”tarako”, is made from salted and preserved walleye pollack eggs, and spicy pollack roe, ”mentaiko”, is salted walleye pollack eggs seasoned with dashi, red peppers, or soy sauce among other sauces. The spicy pollack roe which pops delightfully in your mouth is famous in Hakata, Kyushu. Both salted and spicy pollack roe are widely used in a variety of different dishes, and not only for Japanese cuisine. These go well with pizza, pasta, and many other western foods.


The vitamin B1 in salted pollack roe aids in sugar decomposition, and the vitamin B2 promotes lipid metabolism. Pollack/cod roe also contains vitamin E which helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and prevent aging.


Wrap each roe separately in plastic wrap to prevent drying out, then store in the refrigerator. When storing for longer periods of time, place the wrapped roe into freezer bags and then store frozen.


Salted pollack roe was made as a way to store fish eggs for longer periods of time in the Edo period (1603-1868). Hokkaido, where a lot of cod is caught, is one of the biggest producers.

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