Pollack/cod roe (salted and spicy)


Salted pollack/cod roe (tarako) and spicy pollack/cod roe (mentaiko) are traditional Japanese seafood ingredients, consisting of pollock roe from the Alaskan pollock, of the cod family. The Alaskan pollock is not actually a member of the pollock (Pollachius) genus, but rather belongs to the cod (Gadus) genus. For this reason, tarako and mentaiko are also referred to as cod roe.

Fresh pollack/cod roe is in season and widely available during spring, while salted and spicy (marinated in chili pepper sauce) varieties are available year-round. These ripe eggs are prepared and seasoned differently: tarako is plain and salted, while mentaiko is marinated for extra flavor. Widely used in Japanese cuisine, salted and spicy pollock/cod roe are also used in Korean, Russian, and a few French dishes.


Contains vitamins B1, B2 and E.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Pollack/cod roe with smooth and clean surfaces and that have vibrant and natural coloring are preferred. Be sure to use up fresh pollack/cod roe while still fresh. Salted and spicy pollack/cod roe can be placed into a storage container and frozen.

Cooking Tips

Break apart salted and spicy pollack/cod roe and use in dressings. Grill for use in rice-in-green-tea (ochazuke) dishes and rice balls (onigiri). Fresh pollack/cod roe is recommended for boiled dishes.

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