How to prepare meat


Pork loin - removing sinew / silver skin

There is a tough connective tissue (sinew also called silver skin) between the fat and pink meat of the loin. This portion will not melt away (as fat does) but rather will harden and twist when cooked. Making several cuts into the sinew with the tip of a knife will prevent this and also improve the texture of the meat.

Pork fillet - how to butterfly

Cut into 2 to 3 cm (0.8 to 1.2 in.) thick slices, make a deep cut down the middle of each slice, and open each from there. As fillet meat is log-shaped, this is an effective method for increasing surface area.

Pork - making thin by pounding

Pound the pork with a rolling pin or bottle to make it thinner. If you pound the meat directly, it may stick to the rolling pin or bottle, so cover with plastic wrap before pounding. This method is used to prepare thin cutlets and for use with other ingredients in sandwiches or deep-frying, or when rolled then cooked together with other ingredients.

Pork - chopping

Roughly chop up chunks of pork or cut thinly sliced pork into thinner strips, then chop to prepare ground pork. Using this method instead of store-bought ground pork to make hamburgers, meatballs and gyoza dumpling filling will impart a chewier texture.

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