Rice reinvented: 3 fusion dishes you must try


Rice is the staple food in Japan. The Japanese have created various fusion dishes influenced by ingredients and dishes from other countries. These delicious rice menus are sure to whet your appetite!

Quick and flavorful rice meals

The traditional Japanese diet typically consists of white rice accompanied by a main dish, side dishes, and soup for a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. When it is difficult to create a balanced meal every time, rice can be a one-plate meal that is easy to cook and eat by adding proteins and vegetables. We will present three quick rice dishes with umami and distinctive taste profiles.

Hayashi Rice


Hayashi Rice is a dish featuring sauteed finely chopped beef and onions stewed in brown sauce over rice. This Japanese Western-inspired dish is called ”yoshoku". This recipe omits demi-glace sauce for a quick meal. To make it, first, saute the beef and onions, then stew with tomato ketchup for a sweet and sour flavor. Lastly, add Kikkoman Soy Sauce for umami. This results in an easy-to-prepare meal with an enhanced flavor.

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Hayashi Rice

What is Hayashi?

There are several theories about the origin of the name; one is that "Hash" from "Hashed beef with rice" was changed to "hayashi" in Japanese. Another theory is that it was named after a Doctor Hayashi, who recommended this nutritious stew.


Side dish suggestions

While your Hayashi Rice simmers, why not prepare a quick side dish. Create a zesty dressing by combining a citrus-based ponzu and olive oil for a refreshing complement. Feel free to customize the flavor to your preference!

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Baby Leaf Salad with Camembert Cheese

Western-style Chirashi Sushi


This is a create sushi rice dish seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce, and salt, then topped with  tuna, olives, cream cheese, and red bell peppers. The salty flavors and textures pair well. The addition of parsley further adds a touch of flavor and color. The crunchy bell peppers can be eaten raw or cooked in the microwave to soften.

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Western-Style Chirashi (Scattered) Sushi with Cheese and Tuna

Make a big serving of Chirashi Sushi to share with the family.

What is Chirashi?

Chirashi Sushi, a dish enjoyed in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1867), translates to "scattered sushi." The name derives from the various toppings scattered or mixed into the rice. Traditional Chirashi Sushi includes toppings like maguro (tuna), shrimp, egg, and seaweed.


Side dish suggestions

If you are craving a hearty side dish, how about a warm salad? Finely chopp a kabocha/pumpkin and simmer in a small pot with seasoning. You could cover it with a lid, aluminum foil or cut oven-proof parchment paper into a circle, and it will cook quickly and infuse the flavors.

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Kabocha Squash Simmered with Honey

Kimchi Fried Rice


Kimchi, a well-known Korean spicy pickles, is widely enjoyed in Japan. It is a fermented food product with lactic acid bacteria, which gives it a unique sour and savory flavor. Kimchi has become more than just a side dish and is now a key ingredient at grocery stores. It is commonly used in fried rice, stir-fries, and nabe hot-pot dishes. 

Kimchi Fried Rice combines pork, eggs, and tangy kimchi for a delicious and hearty meal. The addition of sesame oil adds a savory note during the cooking process.

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Kimchi Fried Rice

Side dish suggestions

To incorporate more veggies into your meal, consider a Korean-style side dish. Try this medley of boiled and sautéed  vegetables with sesame dressing, for a delightful and satisfying accompaniment.

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Published on Dec 15, 2023