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Aonori/Green nori seaweed flakes


Dried green nori seaweed flakes with the aroma of the sea


Dried and powdered seaweed with a unique aroma made from a different type of seaweed than the kind used for sushi. It is sprinkled on okonomiyaki and yakisoba noodles, and it is quite popular when used in a glaze on chikuwa which is then fried up to make "isobeage ".


Rich in potassium which helps regulate blood pressure, calcium which aids in developing bones and teeth, magnesium which makes it easier to absorb calcium, beta carotene that boosts immunity, and folic acid.


Can be kept at room temperature, but high temperatures or ultraviolet rays can make it change color so keeping it refrigerated is better. Keeping it in the freezer will help it to maintain its freshness.


Check your teeth after eating because seaweed does stick to teeth.

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