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Parchment paper


Paper spread on a baking tray or pan for cooking treats or food in the oven

What is parchment paper?  

Parchment paper is manufactured by covering glassine paper with a layer of silicon, and it is primarily spread over a baking tray or pan when cooking treats or food in the oven. It prevents food from sticking to the pan and can be easily removed after use.
Parchment paper has high heat resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance, making it ideal for cooking not only in the oven, but also in the microwave, steaming foods, or even as an otoshibuta (drop lid) with stews.
It is similar to wax paper, however wax paper does not have the same heat resistance, making it not ideal for cooking.

How to use

Aside from spreading the paper on a baking tray, parchment paper has many other convenient uses.
On a Frying Pan
Spreading parchment paper on a frying pan to cook fish, meat, or gyoza, keeps the ingredients from sticking to the pan and is healthier since you do not use oil.
Parchment paper lets steam pass through, making it ideal for steaming foods. To cook, wrap ingredients in parchment paper and place them in the microwave or steamer.
Using parchment paper as an otoshibuta (drop lid), by cutting the paper slightly smaller than the pan’s lid and placing it on top of the ingredients, spreads the heat evenly with a small amount of broth.

Parchment paper used on a frying pan.

Substitute for parchment paper: when you don’t have it 

Spread oil on a cooking tray or pan in the oven, or on a heat-resistant plate in the microwave. It will help prevent foods from sticking.


Parchment paper is resistant to oil and water, meaning it is also available as a wrapping paper for treats like pound-cake, cookies, muffins, or even sandwiches.


Check the package and instructions of the parchment paper to ensure you do not exceed the heat and time limits that the parchment paper is resistant to. Also, make sure not to expose parchment paper to heat sources or open flames, as it may burn.

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