Tender Chicken Sandwiches

Tender Chicken Sandwiches

Unbeatably tender and flavorful chicken delectably matched with cheese and whole grain mustard.

Cooking time
30 minutes+
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.
  • Time to marinate and time to cool is not included in the cooking time.
  • Required cooking time may slightly vary depending on the microwave and heat-safe container used. Please adjust accordingly.
  • Time to bake in an oven is not included in the cooking time.

Ingredients(Servings: 4)

Ingredients(Servings: 4)


300 g (10.6 oz.)

1 & 1/2 Tbsp

(B)Baguette Sandwiches


30 g (1.1 oz.)

20 g (0.7 oz.)

5 g (0.2 oz.)

as desired

(C)Open Sandwiches


20 g (0.7 oz.)


20 g (0.7 oz.)

20 g (0.7 oz.)


  1. Use a fork to stab several holes into the chicken meat, then place into a storage-use plastic bag. Add and gently massage in the soy sauce and set aside for about 15 minutes to marinate.
  2. Place (1) with the marinade onto a heat-safe dish, lightly cover with plastic wrap (or a lid) and heat in a microwave (600 W) for 4 minutes. Turn the meat over and heat for another 3 minutes. Set aside and allow to cool for about 10 minutes.
  3. Prepare the baguette sandwiches. Cut the baguette diagonally into 4 cm (1.6 in.) thick slices and make a slit in the middle of the slice cutting downward half-way through. Julienne the carrot and massage in some salt (extra). Once softened rinse and squeeze out excess moisture. Thinly slice up about 1/2 of (2), and tear the red leaf lettuce into easy-to-eat pieces. Spread the mayonnaise and whole grain mustard into the slit and stuff with the ingredients.
  4. Prepare the open sandwiches. Chop the remaining 1/2 of (2) into 1 cm (0.4 in.) cubes. Cut the baguette up into 1 cm (0.4 in.) thick slices. Divide the broccoli up into small florets, cut the cherry tomato into wedges and dice the bell pepper into cubes. Place the ingredients and the shredded cheese on top of the baguette slices and toast in a toaster oven.
  5. Serve the baguette and open sandwiches on plates.

Cooking Basics

Bell peppers - removing seeds

Cut the bell pepper in half, fold the stem and then remove the seeds with your fingers. This is an easier and less wasteful method than using a knife.


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