Green Tea Tiramisu

Green Tea Tiramisu

Enjoy the hidden flavor of soy sauce!

Cooking time
20 minutes+
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.
  • Ingredients for one 12 cm x 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm (4.7 in. x 3.7 in. x 1.4 in.) cake pan.
    Time to cool and harden in a refrigerator is not included in the cooking time.
  • This recipe uses ingredients for raw or semi-cooked consumption.
    To avoid food poisoning and to safely enjoy home-cooked meals, we ask you to adhere to the guidelines provided by your local Food Safety Information Center for the procurement, storage, cooking and other preparation methods of food ingredients.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

100 g (3.5oz)


3 Tbsp

50 ml (1.7 fl oz)

200 g (7.1 oz.)


1 tsp

100 ml (3.4 fl. oz.)


50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.)

a dash


  1. Mix the mascarpone cheese, egg yolk, and honey together well.
  2. Whip the heavy cream until stiff, then add to (1) and mix together. Place the mixture into a refrigerator to cool.
  3. Mix together (A) and place into a tray with sides.
  4. Cut the sponge cake to a thickness of 7 mm (0.3 in.). Next, cut the sponge cake to fit the cake pan, then soak in (3).
  5. Cut a large piece of wax paper and place this down inside of the cake pan. Be sure that the wax paper reaches out over the sides of the cake pan.
  6. Place 1 slice of (4) into (5), then pour in some of (2). Repeat this process, with the final step being to pour (2) onto the surface evenly, then cover and place into a refrigerator to cool and harden.
  7. Remove from the cake pan, cut in half, mix and whip together (B) then squeeze out onto the cake (using a pastry bag).

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