Photo: Beef and Vegetable Rice Bowl

Balanced with beef and nutritious vegetables

Cooking time
10 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

300 g (10-1/2 oz.)

160 g (5-1/2 oz.)

2 leaves


10 cm (4 in.)

1 Tbsp

2 tsp


1 Tbsp

1 tsp


  1. Tear apart the lettuce, then rinse in cool water and drain.
    Thinly slice the cucumber diagonally lengthwise.
  2. Julienne the long onion, then rinse in water and drain.
  3. Heat the sesame oil in a frying pan.
    Add the ginger, and once fragrant, add and saute the beef.
    When the color changes, add and mix with the seasoning (A).
  4. Place the rice into bowls.
    Pile (1), (3) and (2) on top of the rice, then sprinkle with the sesame seeds.