Inari Sushi (Simple and Decorated)

Inari Sushi (Simple and Decorated)

Japanese finger food prepared with thin deep-fried tofu boiled in sweet broth and rice. Here a unique folding-style and colorful toppings arrange this dish into the perfect hors d'oeuvre!

Cooking time
40 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.
  • Time to cool not included in the cooking time.

Ingredients(Servings: 4)

Ingredients(Servings: 4)

600 g (21.2 oz.)

as desired


300 ml (10.6 fl. oz.)

3 & 1/2 Tbsp

(B)Vinegar Seasoning for Sushi Rice

3 & 1/2 Tbsp

1 & 1/2 Tbsp

1/2 tsp


as desired (1/2 egg)


as desired (1 Tbsp)

  1. ※1Prepare the warm rice by cooking 300 g (21.2 oz.) of white rice in 360 ml (12.7 fl. oz.) of water.
  2. This recipe prepares 12 pouches.


  1. Place a cooking chopstick on top of the thin deep-fried tofu and roll over it, then slice in half to prepare open pouches. Boil water in a fry pan and lightly boil the thin deep-fried tofu, then drain.
  2. Place (A) into the fry pan and turn on the heat. Once boiling add in and spread out (1). Cover with a drop lid* and simmer over medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes, then place on a cooking tray or similar to cool.
    •  A drop lid is a lid that floats on top of the liquid in pans while simmering foods. It allows heat to be evenly distributed so ingredients cook evenly and quickly. You can purchase one, or make a substitute out of aluminum foil.
  3. Mix the ingredients together to prepare the "Vinegar Seasoning for Sushi Rice".
  4. Place the warm rice into a sushi oke (wooden tub) or bowl, use a circular motion to add in (3) and mix vertically in a cutting manner (to prevent mushiness) then add and mix in the roasted white sesame seeds. Cover with a clean dampened (wrung) tea towel and set aside to cool. Once cooled, divide into 12 equal portions and gently form each into balls.
  5. Stuff (4) into (2) and neatly close off half of the pouches. for the remaining half, fold-in the pouch edges and decorate colorfully with the toppings.



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