Korean Sardine Pancakes

Korean Sardine Pancakes

Traditional Korean pancakes accented with small fish.

Cooking time
20 minutes
  • Nutrition facts are for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 4)

Ingredients(Servings: 4)

100 g (3.5 oz)


10 g (.35 oz)

proper amount

proper amount

a dash



1/4 cup

1/2 cup

3 tbsp


  1. Cut the garlic chives into 2 cm (3/4 in) lengths with kitchen scissors. Remove the seeds from the red sweet pepper and cut into thin strips.
  2. Mix together (A) forming the pancake batter. Break an egg in a bowl, add some water and beat. While stirring, slowly add the starch and flour until evenly mixed. Add in (1), the sardines, and crumbled little pieces of the seaweed. Mix well.
  3. Heat salad oil in a fry pan. Spread out (2) as thinly as possible (25 cm/ 10 in diameter). Cook both sides forming a pancake and remove.
  4. Cut (3) into desired size individual pieces. Enjoy with tobanjan paste mixed with some soy sauce.

Cooking Basics

Bell peppers - removing seeds

Cut the bell pepper in half, fold the stem and then remove the seeds with your fingers. This is an easier and less wasteful method than using a knife.


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